​​Move-In/Out Expectations

A through move-in inspection is required prior to acceptance of property.

Read the lease agreement and the Move-in Acknowledgement Instructions included with the Lease Agreement.  

Prior to move-in 

  • Utilities - (electricity, gas, water) connect 24 hours prior to move-in
  • Rental Payments - due on or before the 1st of each month. Late fee will be assessed after the 5th. 
  • Keys - will be provided on move-in date.
  • Emergencies - know where the water shut turn off and electrical panel are located.  Report any emergencies to the management company immediately.
  • Be present for walk-through! 

During the walk-through a video recording and photos of the property will be taken to note property’s condition prior to move-in.  You will have the opportunity to confirm the condition of the property on the Move-in Inspection Form.  

Contact Us

Phone:  301-772-7222

Mailing: 12138 Central Avenue, #542, Mitchellville, MD 20721

​After receiving your 60-day day notice of move-out we will schedule a date to review our move-out procedures with you.   

The move-out process will go smoother if you:

  • Refer to the Lease Agreement and Move-out Acknowledgement Instructions which are included with  the Lease Agreement.  

1) Marketing Property for New Tenancy During 60 day period prior to move-out.

  •  Sign and lockbox will be placed on the  property
  •  Scheduled showing with notice will be  provided
  •  Prepare the property as best as you can for      showing  to prospective tenants.  

Together we can work  to make the marketing period happen quickly by providing access and having the property show well.   

2) Utilities (electricity, gas, water) must be kept on through the end of your lease term. 

3) Cleaning & Repairs - completed

4) Keys turned in (include mailbox, garage door openers, and community pool keys if applicable) when you are completely moved out of the property. You may be still in possession of the property if all keys are not turned into the Landlord/Owner.
5) Provide your forwarding address and contact phone number along so we can send you a final accounting statement and for you to receive any remaining deposits.

After we conduct the move-out inspection you will receive your security deposit within the 45 days after move-out date.

 If you want to be present at the time of your move out inspection you need to indicate so in writing at the time you drop off your keys. Please keep in mind you will not be informed of anything at the inspection pertaining to your deposits – all deposits are sent as stated above.