Build your business by offering to your clients  an exceptional full-service property management company through its AVG Realtor Referral Program.    

We are experienced property managers providing quality services.  Our Realtor Referral Program will increase your repeat business and provide to you a referral fee. 

How does this work?  It works in 3 ways

1) When you refer a property owner to AVG for property management services you will receive a $200 referral fee upon lease signing, receipt of security deposit and first month's rent, and tenant move-in. 

2) When you refer an owner for leasing and property management services you will receive a $400 referral fee upon lease signing, receipt of security deposit and first month's rent, and tenant move-in. 

3) You will remain attached to the property during the duration of our management services.  Should the property owner decide to sell the property, you will be notified to list the property and provide to AVG, a 25% referral fee. ​

If for any reason you are unable to list the property, but still a licensee,  you will receive a 25% referral fee when property sells.


AVG Realtor Referral Program 

The AVG Realtor Referral Program can make you a power house when your clients have the following scenarios: 

1) Your client needs income and can not wait any longer for the market to rise to a level that will allow for a market value standard sale to occur. 

2) Your client's property has been on the market for a very long period of time and no matter what the house will not sell in the current market.

3) Client want wants to buy a new home and wants to sell will require a short sale.  

All of the above are reasons why owners become landlords today and sellers in 12 to 24 months.

We will not take a listing from an agent.  We need experienced real estate agents like you to take the listings when our property management clients decide it’s time to sell. Partner with us for more referrals.

Realtors who are managing a few rental properties for additional income but not operating as a property management company, we are interested in purchasing these accounts from you. 

AVG, Your Property Management Resource 

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