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​​Residential Management

There are a variety of factors that determine success in real estate. Marketing your property correctly, qualifying and retaining tenants, and maintaining your property in top condition. These are the crucial elements that determine a successful partnership with the owner and management.

 Choosing a seasoned property management company is the single most important decision you can make in protecting your real estate investment and maximizing cash flow.  "Our Team" at Anna Victoria Group, LLC has over 25 years combined experience commercial office and retail properties, multi-family, single-family, condos, and HOAs.

 With an emphasis strategically placed on staying abreast of Regulatory & Rental Fair Housing Laws, Anti-Discrimination Laws, environmental issues such as lead base paint, toxic mold and, radon gas, security deposits protocols, etc. and other similar Federal and State compliances, we are prepared to perform and to surpass your expectations.

 Residential Landlords are rarely fully knowledgeable of current federal and state mandates which can carry stiff penalties and consequences if not adhered to. As Realtors® and Licensed Property Managers, we are required to stay current on Tenant and Landlord Law, regulations, etc. through regular legal updates and continuing education.

 We provide clients with the necessary information for determining if any exposure to risk exists and together with professionals in the field, work to mitigate them. Our overall goal is to stabilize the financial strength of a property and free Landlords from the day-to-day management duties. We accomplish this by ensuring we are obtaining the highest market rent possible and by making certain the integrity of the property is being maintained.  We develop relationships with the HOA/Condo associations to ensure that if any problems should arise with the tenancy we are notified. When necessary we also attend Board meetings and notify the Landlord and Tenant of any changes in the rules and regulations. 


Making certain a property does not remain vacant for long periods of time requires locating and selecting the best qualified Tenant within a limited time frame. Verifying employment, background and rental history, financial status and long-term debt to income ratios is how we locate the best tenancy. We also determine the number of occupants for properties by following HUD guidelines, Landlord considerations and the design of an individual property. In addition to safety, this is also done to lessen the wear and tear of a property. If a problem exists with a current tenant, we will identify the problem and recommend the appropriate action/solution that works best for all parties. If eviction is necessary, and recommended to the owner, an attorney specializing in the eviction process for the property’s jurisdiction will be retained.


In an effort to make it easier and prevent late rental payments, payments can be paid online and then transferred to the Landlords account. In addition to this, accounts can be established for the payment of bills associated with the property (mortgages, HOA/Condo fees, taxes, insurance and management fee), once authorized by Landlord. The balance from these accounts is then transferred to Landlord’s account. Utilities In most cases, the payment of utilities is the responsibility of the Tenant therefore paid by the Tenant. Unpaid bills can become a problem in that liens can be placed on the property. We can request a copy of all utility bills to ensure they are being paid in a timely manner.


Fees are based on “Collected Rent”, i.e., not during any vacancy periods. Set-up Fee: $50 Management Fee: Our management services are often tailored to the individual property owner’s needs; therefore fees can range from 10 to 12% of the monthly Collected Rent depending on services requested or required. Leasing Fee: Equal to one monthly lease payment.

​Residential and Commercial

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